The Ultimate Guide to Stucco Care: Say No to Patching and Painting

The Ultimate Guide to Stucco Care: Say No to Patching and Painting

Stucco homes exhibit a distinctive charm that adds elegance to neighborhoods. However, maintaining their allure requires a thorough understanding of the best practices for preservation. Many homeowners are tempted by the quick fixes of patching and painting when their stucco exteriors show signs of wear. However, the truth is, these methods provide short-lived solutions that might cause more harm than good, especially in the unique climates

Why You Should Avoid Patching and Painting Stucco

While patching and painting might seem like convenient solutions, they often mask underlying issues and fail to address the long-term well-being of your stucco. Here's why you should steer clear of these methods:

  • Superficial Remedies: Patching and painting offer cosmetic fixes that do not address the root causes of stucco deterioration. This approach only hides the issues temporarily while the actual problems persist beneath the surface.
  • Concealing Underlying Damage: Painting over stucco problems might provide a temporary visual improvement, but it does not address the hidden damage underneath. Trapped moisture and structural issues continue to worsen, leading to more extensive damage over time.
  • Moisture Trapping: Stucco is designed to naturally release moisture. Painting the surface prevents moisture from evaporating, leading to the retention of water within the stucco. This trapped moisture can cause mold growth, deterioration, and costly repairs.
  • Short-Lived Aesthetics: The results of patching and painting are often short-lived. Weather conditions, normal wear and tear, and stucco's natural expansion and contraction can cause these solutions to deteriorate quickly, leaving your home's façade looking worse than before.
  • Ignoring Structural Issues: If the stucco's structural integrity is compromised, patching and painting won't solve the underlying problem. Neglecting to address structural issues can lead to water damage, mold growth, and reduced energy efficiency.
  • Expensive Repairs: Opting for quick fixes might seem cost-effective initially, but as the effects wear off and underlying issues worsen, the eventual repairs can be more expensive than addressing the root causes initially.

The Two Key Reasons Stucco Fails

Poor Construction and Workmanship

There are some construction companies that often prioritizes speed and budget over quality and longevity. Many stucco homes and buildings fail within a decade due to the use of subpar materials and unskilled labor. Winter installations in freezing conditions can further exacerbate these issues.

Freeze/Thaw Climate

Some areas experiences extreme winter freeze and thaw cycles that take a toll on stucco. While stucco is designed to absorb and drain water, the climate's rapid temperature fluctuations hinder proper evaporation. This process leads to stucco damage, manifesting as deep cracks or delamination.

Why Patching and Painting Fail

Patching and painting can't entirely address the unique challenges posed by the ever-changing weather conditions and construction practices. Here's why:

  • Inside-Out Damage: Stucco damage often originates within the structure. Superficial solutions like patching or painting fail to address the underlying problems. Moisture can push these fixes out, causing the original issues to resurface within a single winter season.
  • Cracks and Crumbling: Stucco cracks are more profound and widespread due to the extreme freeze and thaw cycles. Patching or caulking over these cracks is ineffective, as it worsens the situation and can't restore the stucco's original appearance.
  • Painting Pitfalls: Elastomeric paints promise stucco solutions, but most manufacturers offer no warranties for stucco applications. Some paints seal in water, preventing stucco from breathing and leading to further damage during freeze and thaw cycles. The sun’s intense UV index can also cause paint to degrade quickly.

The Expert Solution: Comprehensive Stucco Restoration

Rather than relying on patching and painting, opt for comprehensive stucco restoration to ensure your home's long-term health and aesthetics. This involves:

  • Thorough Inspection: A professional stucco inspection evaluates and identifies the root causes of deterioration, guiding the restoration process to target the underlying problems.
  • Expert Restoration: Skilled technicians repair stucco from within, addressing moisture-related issues and reinforcing structural integrity to prevent future damage.
  • Restoration Products: High-quality stucco restoration products ensure the repaired stucco maintains its appearance and durability, tailored to the specific needs of stucco exteriors.
  • Lasting Solutions: Comprehensive restoration offers a lasting solution that tackles the root causes of deterioration, ensuring your stucco remains resilient and attractive.

Protect Your Stucco Investment

Patching and painting are mere temporary solutions that cannot withstand the challenges posed by the ever-changing weather conditions. Instead, opt for comprehensive stucco restoration to safeguard your home's aesthetics and structural integrity for the long haul. Gold Star Stucco stands as your partner in professional stucco evaluation and restoration, ensuring your home retains its beauty and value.

Invest wisely in your home's exterior by choosing a restoration approach that goes beyond concealment. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive stucco services and how it can preserve and enhance the beauty of your stucco façade.

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Our Featured Services

Below are the stucco and related services we offer.


From a quick to an in-depth review of your establishment to see if anything is amiss and would require fixing/replacement. 

We accomplish this either through the use of our high-end inspection equipment or the critical eye of our experienced professionals.
Our methods aim for both longevity and safety, applying the latest techniques for the best possible results. 

From removing stains to filling up holes, we have the solutions you need for all your stucco problems.



Don't wait until it's too late! Water damage on stucco is notorious for getting out of hand. Since it's not as noticeable until a good amount of damage is done, it's best to have frequent inspections to make sure that your home is safe from possible cracks and mold -- common symptoms of water infiltration.
Unlike most paints in the market, stucco paint is very important in adding extra protection your home/establishment.

Understanding that, we've come prepared with a wide variety of paints both in color and other practical benefits!



Also known as the "exterior insulation finish system", this is a "wall-padding" method that provides efficient insulation without the extra expense. 

Our team of professionals are skilled on EIFS construction alongside our group of consultants ready to help you with your exterior finish decisions.
Even the most durable material in building construction can get damaged in time. 

Here is where we come in with our experience and know-how on the field and our professionals to help deal with any cement stucco repairs/build.



Repair and replacement of stucco is an essential part of maintaining a building’s integrity. Thus, it's important to follow through with corrections as they are advised by the professionals to assure your home/establishment's durability and the safety of the people staying in it.


Gold Star Stucco's residential and commercial work is always accomplished with excellent craftsmanship for beautiful and durable results.

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