The Difference Between Three-Coat And One-Coat Stucco Processes

The Difference Between Three-Coat And One-Coat Stucco Processes

Stucco may be a lovely textured coating for your house or business property. There are several textures that may be used as a finish to give your structure a unique appearance or to fit in with the surrounding surroundings. However, there is more to stucco installation than meets the eye.

Stucco is much more than the textured finish we see on the outside. There is at least one further layer behind that texture. This "primer" layer provides a stable foundation for the final texture and increases resilience, enabling the stucco to endure longer.

Stucco procedures are classified into two categories. One is known as three-coat stucco, and the other as one-coat stucco. In this section, we will discuss the differences between a three-coat and a one-coat stucco technique, which would be ideal for you in Dayton, Ohio.

Three-coat stucco

Historically, stucco was usually put in three coats. There are three layers in total, with the outer layer having a textured surface.

The lowest layer is made up of asphalt-infused paper and chicken wire that is laid out atop a weather-resistant barrier. After that, a "scratch coat" of Portland cement, lime, sand, and water is placed and harshly textured with horizontal lines before a brown coat is put with a long trowel. Then it's time to apply the final finish in the texture of your choice.

The major benefit is that it is twice as thick as one-coat stucco and hence stronger and more durable. This comes at a price since it is more costly and takes considerably longer to finish than the one-coat stucco method.

One-coat stucco

The term "one-coat stucco" is misleading since it comprises two applications. Initially, a colored finish coat was mixed into the original blend, but the effect was uneven and inconsistent, thus, the procedure was revised to include a second top coat finish.

This method combines the scratch and brown coats into a single premixed mixture. This enables work to be done in days or even hours. It requires less effort and is less expensive than three-coat stucco, which has led to a surge in popularity in recent years.

This approach is flawed because it is thinner, making it easier to break. It's also not as long-lasting as three-coat stucco.

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Both three-coat and one-coat stucco methods have advantages and disadvantages. Contact Gold Star Stucco & EIFS Repair Dayton Stucco now to learn more about the differences between three-coat and one-coat stucco processes and which would be ideal for your Dayton, Ohio property. We've provided stucco installation and repair services to local homeowners and businesses for over a decade. We hope to collaborate with you soon!

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