Stucco Maintenance Tips: How to Prevent Common Issues

Stucco Maintenance Tips: How to Prevent Common Issues

Avoiding typical stucco concerns requires preventative maintenance. After you've applied it to your walls, it should be relatively easy to maintain, requiring just little cleaning or patching to keep things looking beautiful.

Here are some helpful stucco care ideas to help you avoid frequent problems and extend the life of your siding.

Stucco Preventative Maintenance 101

Most modern stucco is made of a sand and cement mixture, which gives it an extremely long life - industry experts estimate that well-maintained stucco may last 50 to 80 years.

On the other hand, Stucco must be maintained to last its full existence. Preventive maintenance is, therefore, essential.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

Indoor stucco requires much less upkeep than outdoor stucco since it is often in a temperature-controlled environment and does not have the sun beating down on it all day. It does, however, need a new coat of paint now and again.

On the other hand, outdoor stucco needs a great deal more attention. For one thing, it is exposed to the sun all day, which may cause a lot of wear and tear. Aside from that, outdoor stucco is vulnerable to other variables such as wind, dirt, and dust. Much of the dirt and dust you'll encounter is pushed into the air by passing cars.

Fortunately, most outside stucco requires just a little cleaning. But it doesn't mean you won't need to make minor repairs occasionally.

Make a habit of inspecting your stucco once a week to understand better when it needs to be cleaned. If it's seen better days, pamper it in one of the methods below.

Stucco Preventative Maintenance: Cleaning Stucco

Cleaning your stucco may be done regularly, in advance, or outside.

Regular Cleaning

Because stucco is permeable, dirt accumulates both inside and outside. Fortunately, if your interiors are clean and free of dust and dirt, your stucco should need water and some elbow grease to repair.

In most circumstances, you only need a soft-bristled nylon brush and warm water to clean your inside stucco. The brush does not need to be wet; only damp it. Clean the surface with water and a soft cloth. When finished, wipe away any residual residue with a microfiber cloth.

Advanced Cleaning

Preventive maintenance becomes more complicated when eliminating tenacious stains from stucco.

Trisodium phosphate (TSP), a strong chemical cleanser accessible at most hardware shops, is often used by industry experts. To use TSP properly, careful planning is necessary.

Using TSP Safely

When dealing with TSP, it is essential to take the proper precautions. as quickly as possible, and please notify us of harm, including chemical burns.

To begin, make sure your workplace is well-ventilated. Open all surrounding doors and windows and turn on a fan. Wear personal protective equipment such as a long-sleeved shirt, gloves, and safety glasses next.

When you're ready to start working, dilute the chemical 15-to-1 with water. Apply it to the stucco with a nylon brush and let it dry completely. Usually, this takes a few hours.

Outdoor Cleaning

Preventative maintenance for exterior stucco might be challenging. Because of its constant outdoor exposure, outdoor stucco is often dirtier. Consistency is the key to keeping your outside stucco clean.

You'll need a power washer or a garden hose fitted with a spray nozzle for cleaning outside stucco. Spray the stucco with a thin mist using your preferred device. After moistening the stucco, blast it from top to bottom with a more aggressive spray setting. Spraying downward keeps dirt from gathering at the base of the wall.

After you've done spraying, look for any leftover dirt. If you detect any, physically remove it with a brush. To avoid harming the stucco, scrub lightly.

If you still have blemishes after using this method, apply your TSP solution directly to the unclean or discolored area using a sprayer. Allow for enough drying time before rewashing the area.

What Happens if Stucco Isn't Repaired?

Stucco is a highly long-lasting material. While this feature has many benefits, it may also be dangerous if the surface is poorly maintained.

Stucco may acquire chips, cracks, and holes over time, providing an ideal hiding spot for mildew, rats, and other warning signs. If a small issue is not addressed swiftly, it may soon escalate into a major one.

Even if there are no evident flaws on the outside, your stucco may still have issues due to interior deterioration. This kind of injury is even more enigmatic and difficult to recognize. In truth, many homeowners miss warning signs until it is too late.

If you see discoloration behind your windows, mold may form under the stucco. Take note of the fragrances as well. A strong wood rot stench might indicate something is wrong with your stucco.

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Preventive maintenance is essential for extending the lifespan of your stucco. Maintaining your siding clean, long-lasting, and gorgeous takes a little care here and there.

If you have stucco concerns, you must act quickly to avoid future issues. This is something that Stucco Today can help you with. We apply stucco correctly, ensuring that your surfaces gleam for a long time.

Pay attention to your stucco problems. Be sure to get in touch with Stucco as quickly as possible, and please notify us how we can assist you.

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