PAINTING AND RECOATING: Parex USA finishes tend to look good for a long time. But if you want to, you can re-coat Parex USA acrylic finishes with DPR Coating or Elastomeric Coating. It should be clear that coatings will change the original finish's feel and shine. Recoat Gel is made to not change the texture of the surface. This is especially important to think about if the coating will go over a sand or sand fine finish that is already there. Some of the texture may be lost because of the size of the aggregates in these finishes. It is best to use a physical sample when trying to match the color of an existing Parex USA finish, since older finishes may have changed slightly from the original color.

The finish that is already there should be clean and dry. The coatings from Parex USA can be put on with a brush, a roller, or a spray gun (follow the product data sheet for application). Most coatings can cover surfaces well with just one application over existing finishes. But two coats may be needed, depending on the texture and/or color of the existing finish. For single applications with a roller, use vertical strokes that overlap by half the width of the roller. For two coats, use horizontal strokes to apply the first coat and let it dry. The second coat should be put on in the same way as the first, but at a right angle to the first.

RESURFACING AND REFINISHING If the finish material needs to be a close match to the color of the existing work, it's best to send a sample to the Parex USA Color Department so they can look at it and match it. Even then, the new finish might look a little different from the original finish because of age or a difference in how the applicators add texture. If a wall surface needs to be refinished, it might look better to resurface a panel or larger area up to an existing break or end than a smaller patch area.

Patching and Repairing say that refinishing should only be done by someone who has used Parex USA materials before. One of the above ways must be used to clean the area first. Second, on the clean and dry existing finish, a skim coat of Parex USA base coat (Cementitious/Acrylic type) should be troweled on with a stainless steel trowel to a uniform thickness to fill all the holes left by the original texture. If you want to make the surface more resistant to impact or need to fix other parts with reinforcing mesh, you can embed it in the wet base coat by following the instructions in the Parex USA EIFS application Guide. If primer was used on the original work, use Parex USA Primer to make the new finish more uniform in color and easier to apply with a trowel.

Follow the instructions on the Parex USA Product Data Sheet for the finish and texture you want to use when putting on the new finish. Flashing and caulks The first sign that water is getting into the building should be a sign that there is a problem that needs to be fixed right away. Like other wall claddings, EIFS systems use flashing and sealants to keep water from getting behind the cladding.

Because of this, it is a good idea to check the installation every so often at these key spots:

  • The edges of the windows and doors.
  • Expansion joints
  • Abutments to dissimilar materials.
  • Holes, like around fixtures, hose bibs, outlets, scuppers, and so on.
  • Ends at the top and bottom of the wall
  • Where the sidewall and roofline meet 
  • To fix sealant joints, they may need to be taken apart and put back together again.

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Our Featured Services

Below are the stucco and related services we offer.


From a quick to an in-depth review of your establishment to see if anything is amiss and would require fixing/replacement. 

We accomplish this either through the use of our high-end inspection equipment or the critical eye of our experienced professionals.
Our methods aim for both longevity and safety, applying the latest techniques for the best possible results. 

From removing stains to filling up holes, we have the solutions you need for all your stucco problems.



Don't wait until it's too late! Water damage on stucco is notorious for getting out of hand. Since it's not as noticeable until a good amount of damage is done, it's best to have frequent inspections to make sure that your home is safe from possible cracks and mold -- common symptoms of water infiltration.
Unlike most paints in the market, stucco paint is very important in adding extra protection your home/establishment.

Understanding that, we've come prepared with a wide variety of paints both in color and other practical benefits!



Also known as the "exterior insulation finish system", this is a "wall-padding" method that provides efficient insulation without the extra expense. 

Our team of professionals are skilled on EIFS construction alongside our group of consultants ready to help you with your exterior finish decisions.
Even the most durable material in building construction can get damaged in time. 

Here is where we come in with our experience and know-how on the field and our professionals to help deal with any cement stucco repairs/build.



Repair and replacement of stucco is an essential part of maintaining a building’s integrity. Thus, it's important to follow through with corrections as they are advised by the professionals to assure your home/establishment's durability and the safety of the people staying in it.


Gold Star Stucco's residential and commercial work is always accomplished with excellent craftsmanship for beautiful and durable results.

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