Five Rivers MetroParks

Five Rivers MetroParks
In 1963, Dayton was experiencing rapid expansion. Concern was expressed by a group of residents over the rapidity of this expansion as well as the "urban sprawl" that had made its way to our region, which posed a risk to the delicate equilibrium that exists between developed and natural areas. These devoted individuals campaigned to protect our genuine parts by forming a county-wide park district to buy and maintain open space for the pleasure and enjoyment of those living in the metropolitan area. This land is used for both recreational purposes and aesthetic purposes. Because of the early work that was done, Five Rivers MetroParks has been able to keep native habitats like forests, prairies, wetlands, and other natural areas preserved for more than 50 years. These native habitats provide a place for wildlife to flourish and for people to form personal connections with the natural world. A great post.

In 2018, a levy to "keep up our parks" was supported by an overwhelming majority of voters in Montgomery County. Because of this, you, Five Rivers MetroParks, may keep doing the following:

 - The Parks and trails that are clean and safe to use should be provided. Protecting green space, rivers, and natural resources should also prioritize.
- They provide various avenues for people of all ages and stages of life to enjoy the great outdoors and lead active healthy lives.
- This functions as an asset to the community, enhancing economic growth and quality of life.


In May of 1965, Montgomery County residents voted to approve a 0.3 mill, 10-year tax to ensure appropriate and regular financing.
Voters in 1974 approved an increase of 0.2 mills to the previously established tax, 0.3 mills. The vast bulk of this money was used to purchase the property.

Inflation in the 1970s put the park district (also known as MetroParks) in a difficult financial position. In addition to the money, a goal of collecting an extra $500,000 per year via a fundraising drive was set. from the tax. Most of this was made possible thanks to the Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund, which is managed by the state. Donations, revenue from trust funds, and the money granted by the local government made up the remainder of the funding.

Voters in May 1984 decided to extend the validity of the 0.5 mill levy for another 10 years.

The then-current 0.5 mill charge was scrapped in favor of a 0.7 mill, 10-year increasing levy that the Metroparks approved in 1988.

In 1994, voters in Montgomery County, Maryland, gave their approval to a 1.2 mill, 10-year tax levy. A purpose of the levy was to provide additional funds necessary to implement a plan to protect and enhance the area's major river corridors while continuing to provide a high level of service at existing park sites. This was accomplished through the continuation of the provision of high-quality services at existing park locations.

Montgomery County, Maryland's residents, demonstrated an enormous level of support for MetroParks in the year 2000 by adopting a new 1.8 mill, 10-year tax (to replace the 1.2-mill levy) with a vote of 65 percent in favor of the levy. This was an increase from the previous 1.2 mill levy.

Despite the economic downturn that was going on at the time, voters in November 2009 approved a new park preservation tax set at 1.8 mills for ten years.

On November 6, 2018, citizens of Montgomery County voted yes on Issue 6, which was a 10-year replacement levy of 1.8 mills with a modest increase of 0.2 mills. An overwhelming majority carried out the vote. By deciding to "keep up our parks," voters have shown that they see Five Rivers MetroParks as an essential asset to the community, contributing to increased economic growth and quality of life. About 80 percent of the work MetroParks does to protect and maintain local greenspace and waterways, as well as provide clean, safe parks and opportunities for residents of all ages to enjoy the outdoors and lead healthy, active lifestyles, is funded by the replacement levy. This levy also supports the work that MetroParks does to provide parks and opportunities for residents to enjoy the outdoors and lead healthy, active lifestyles.

What They Protect

Nearly 16,000 acres of land are preserved by Five Rivers MetroParks, with the majority of that property remaining in its original condition. One of the organization's primary goals is to maintain open space and natural regions.

The natural areas of MetroParks are maintained in such a way that they prioritize providing plants and animals with a suitable home. When this is done, there is less pollution in the air and water, more variety in the plants and animals, and more lovely areas where people may interact with nature.

These objectives for the preservation of land serve as a compass for Five Rivers MetroParks:- 

- In the Miami Valley, it is essential to preserve key natural areas, especially those located next to existing MetroParks and river corridors.
- Significant swaths of the forest should be preserved and linked together. Parks and forests should be connected along river corridors.
- Wherever necessary, create buffer zones to preserve open space and safeguard watersheds.

In addition, the conservation section of MetroParks adheres to the following guiding principles:
- Take measures to actively maintain designated areas to protect the future biological variety of plants and animals.
- Make managerial choices based on the most reliable scientific information currently accessible.
- Determine how to make the most effective use of the resources that are available.

The Five Streams: The forest, the edge of the thicket (young forest), the grassland, the wetland, and the aquatic regions are the principal habitat categories protected and managed by MetroParks. The staff produces habitat management plans to guide land preservation and restoration efforts for each park and conservation area. After that, the conservation and park services departments work closely together to finish the yearly habitat action plans for each park, which helps to ensure that objectives are satisfied.

Five Rivers MetroParks is dedicated to conserving conservation areas to add parks. Conservation areas are substantial expanses of land mostly undeveloped and preserved in natural conditions. The public's access to the Dull Woods, Medlar, and Woodman Fen conservation areas has been improved.

You may reach them by phone at (937) 275-7275 or on their website for further details.
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