7 Steps to Keep Your Stucco Looking Fantastic

7 Steps to Keep Your Stucco Looking Fantastic

In places with warm summer sun, many buildings rock a stylish stucco exterior. It's got that classic southwestern vibe, right? But, here's the deal: whether it's your cozy home or your bustling business, stucco can be the perfect finish for various surfaces like concrete, brick, or wood.

Why Stucco Rules the Exterior World

Stucco isn't just your average exterior coat; it's a cement-based superhero that adds texture and flair to your walls. Essentially, it's a blend of cement, sand, and water, often referred to as Portland cement plaster. So, why does it reign supreme?

  • Affordable and Easy: Stucco doesn't break the bank, and it's a cinch to apply. Plus, it's got another ace up its sleeve – it's paintable.
  • Tough as Nails: Stucco isn't flimsy; it's a warrior. It laughs in the face of the elements and lasts ages when done right.
  • Lazy on Maintenance: Unlike some diva exteriors, stucco is low-maintenance. It doesn't demand your constant attention.
  • Flame-Friendly: Stucco is no match for fire, making it an excellent choice for safety.
  • Weather Warrior: Whether it's scorching sun or torrential rain, stucco can handle it all.

A well-done stucco job can last close to a century. But (you knew there was a 'but' coming), painted stucco can lose its luster over time. Fading and erosion are part of life.

7 Pro Tips to Stucco Salvation

Now, here's the good stuff: how to keep your stucco exterior looking slick and stylish without breaking the bank.

  • Be a Detective: Keep an eagle eye out for cracks or peeling paint. If you've been repainting like there's no tomorrow, peeling paint might hint at issues beneath the surface. It could mean poor prep work or water damage lurking underneath.
  • Play Inspector: Your exterior is tough, but it's not invincible. Make it a ritual to inspect it year-round. It expands and contracts with temperature changes. What seems like a tiny crack on a hot day could grow when winter chills kick in.
  • Get Handy with Repairs: Minor cracks are par for the course – they're usually from temperature shifts. But holes from direct impacts are a different story. Fix cracks and holes using high-quality, waterproof, and paintable acrylic caulk. If it's a bigger job, call in the stucco repair pros.
  • Don't Let Paint Fizzle: If you're painting your stucco, pay attention to the rules. Use the right techniques and follow paint manufacturer guidelines on temperature and humidity. Painting stucco isn't your average DIY project; it takes knowledge, skills, and the right tools.
  • Choose Wisely: Stucco loves to soak up moisture, so go for top-notch waterproofing primer and paint to give it a fighting chance. Acrylic latex paints are stucco's besties, offering fantastic coverage and color that won't quit.
  • Scrub-a-Dub-Dub: Don't let dirt and grime settle in. Give your stucco a gentle wash at least twice a year. But before you go all out with the cleaning, make sure you've repaired any cracks, chips, or holes. A hose with a sprayer can do the trick. Leave power washing to the experts; it's too easy to damage stucco.
  • Water's the Enemy: Keep water away from your stucco walls. Over time, sprinklers, leaky gutters, or pooled water can stain your walls, inviting mildew, mold, or efflorescence (that white, powdery stuff) to join the party. Mold loves moisture, so be extra cautious around plants close to your home.

Stucco, the Style That Stays

So, there you have it. Follow these simple tips, and your stucco will keep on rocking the stylish exterior look for years. And remember, when your stucco needs a touch-up or some TLC, don't hesitate to call in the professionals.

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If you're considering stucco installation, or facing related issue, don't hesitate to reach out to Gold Star Stucco Repair, and make your home comfortable and beautiful, no matter what Mother Nature throws at it. Go ahead, and experience the benefits of stucco for yourself.

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Our Featured Services

Below are the stucco and related services we offer.


From a quick to an in-depth review of your establishment to see if anything is amiss and would require fixing/replacement. 

We accomplish this either through the use of our high-end inspection equipment or the critical eye of our experienced professionals.
Our methods aim for both longevity and safety, applying the latest techniques for the best possible results. 

From removing stains to filling up holes, we have the solutions you need for all your stucco problems.



Don't wait until it's too late! Water damage on stucco is notorious for getting out of hand. Since it's not as noticeable until a good amount of damage is done, it's best to have frequent inspections to make sure that your home is safe from possible cracks and mold -- common symptoms of water infiltration.
Unlike most paints in the market, stucco paint is very important in adding extra protection your home/establishment.

Understanding that, we've come prepared with a wide variety of paints both in color and other practical benefits!



Also known as the "exterior insulation finish system", this is a "wall-padding" method that provides efficient insulation without the extra expense. 

Our team of professionals are skilled on EIFS construction alongside our group of consultants ready to help you with your exterior finish decisions.
Even the most durable material in building construction can get damaged in time. 

Here is where we come in with our experience and know-how on the field and our professionals to help deal with any cement stucco repairs/build.



Repair and replacement of stucco is an essential part of maintaining a building’s integrity. Thus, it's important to follow through with corrections as they are advised by the professionals to assure your home/establishment's durability and the safety of the people staying in it.


Gold Star Stucco's residential and commercial work is always accomplished with excellent craftsmanship for beautiful and durable results.

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